Fluorite Carved Unicorn

$39.99 $44

This beautiful carved Fluorite unicorn displays beautiful purple to green tones.  Visualize this mineral specimen as a gorgeous accent sitting on a shelf or in a special place in your space. It will add a touch of whimsy to a child's room.

Fluorite crystal properties come from its distinctive fluorescent light that features different colors when exposed to UV rays.  This stone contains green and purple colors, giving it a high positive vibration of energy that is suppose to heal and rejuvenate the aura. The green Fluorite is suppose to cleanse & purify the Heart Chakra by aligning your mind with your true desires of the heart. The perfect combination for a case of existential burnout, the purple colors in the Fluorite crystal can help you discover your divine purpose in life. It opens & stimulates the third eye chakra, clearing the way for spiritual expansion & a deeper sense of inner peace.

 Measurements are approximately: 2 inches tall & .75 of an inch wide

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