Chakra pendulum



(1) - Chakra Pendulum w/ Chain and Moon charm

Our chakra pendulum is made with a different gemstone that represents each chakra, which makes it a little powerhouse!

Chakras: ALL

1st Chakra (Muladhara) - Root, Red, Grounding
2nd Chakra (Svadhishthana) - Sacral, Orange, Creativity & Sexuality
3rd Chakra (Manipura) - Solar Plexus, Yellow, Will Power & Strength
4th Chakra (Anahata) - Heart, Green, Compassion & Relationships
5th Chakra (Vishuddha) - Throat, Blue, Communication
6th Chakra (Ajna) - Third Eye, Indigo, Intuition & Knowing
7th Chakra (Sahasrara) - Top of Head, Purple, Heightened Awareness


Why use an 8 ball to answer your questions?  Reiki healer, Kelsey Patel writes "A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect to your higher self and 'source' by asking questions to help guide, clarify, and raise your awareness,"

Use your intuition to pick out the pendulum that fits you.  Now, you are ready to consult the tool for guidance.

These are tips for actually using it.

1. CleanseAs with crystals, pendulums need cleansing too. "Cleanse the pendulum with sage, outside under a full moon, soaking it in sea salt if the material or crystal is water and salt friendly, or simply by holding it under cold tap water," instructs Patel.

2. Prep your questions: Patel recommends having multiple questions to ask. "When looking for clarity or guidance around a situation, have more than one question prepared about the topic to help you gain as much insight as possible and as much guidance," she says. Something to remember? The pendulum might not always work. "Sometimes a pendulum will not want to answer or not be open to answering a particular question at that time," says Patel. "This can be shown as a separate directional swing or the pendulum might simply remain still."

3. Learn how the pendulum moves: "It's key to learn what is 'yes' and what is 'no,'" says Patel of what to do before asking the pendulum a question. AKA—you have to figure out how it will speak to you. "Take a moment to find a comfortable seat and quiet your mind. Take a few deep cleansing breaths to open up and clear your mind, body, and spirit. Holding the pendulum in your dominant hand with the chain or top link between your thumb and index finger, ask 'show me yes' and 'show me no,' or 'what does yes look like' and 'what does no look like.'" When you do this, Patel points out that the pendulum will either swing vertically, horizontally, or in circular motions. Take note as to what each answer looks like—for instance, if it went up and down vertically when you said 'show me yes,' that is how it will respond in an affirmative way to your question. "You could also ask 'show me neutral' if you want that option too," says Patel.

4. Start with what you know: To get the pendulum going, ask questions you already know the answer to. "For example, ask if your name is what your name is, and 'do I live in [insert city],'" says Patel. "This can help you connect with the pendulum and get to know its directional swings and how it will communicate with you."

5. Remain open: Using a pendulum is all about being at ease. "Just like when you are going through a meditation, try to simply allow the pendulum to communicate freely with you," says Patel. "The more open you are to receive, the easier you and the pendulum can communicate. And remember, like any practice, you can enjoy the experience and trust in your ability to connect because you already have your own answers." It's just a tool, BTW, that's merely there to help you get closer to your own intuition. You have your own inner truth, after all.


Each pendulum measures approximately 8.5 inches long.

Available stones:  Quartz crystal, Sun stone, Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye

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