Candle Snuffer

$2.99 $6.99

Stainless steel Candle snuffer 

  • candle snuffer is made of stainless steel with nice finishing. Not easy to bend or get rusty. It is well-made and nice heft. With corrosion resistance and more durable.
  •  Elegant classic simply design with beautiful shiny silver/gold/brass finish. Perfect for candle care and it fits well in any style of candle holders. With 8.3 inch of comfortable long handle can easily extinguish candle flame. It is a decorative piece you don't have to hide away.
  • Candle snuffer with long handle is the safest way to put out a flame and help candles burn more evenly! Swivel head candle extinguisher make it easy to snuff out the flame from any angle instantly. Will be a very handy tool to have.
  • No more blowing out candles. Just need to hold the candle stopper and lower the bell over the flame, the flame is extinguished immediately. Makes putting out candles safer than blowing it directly.
  • Candle snifters is the best choice for you preparing gifts for your family, firends and all candle lovers. This would make a wonderful hostess/thank you gift. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate such a thoughtful lovely thing

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