Amethyst cluster

  • Grade A
  • Material: natural
  • Shape:Irregular,Raw,Freefrom;
  • Chakras:Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra;
  • Zodiac:Virgo,Sagittarius,Capricorn,Aquarius,Pisces;
  • Planet–Jupiter
  • Element:Air,Water.
  • Birthstone:February,
  • Energy:Receptive.
  • Usefor:healing,meditation,massage,reiki,display,protection,fengshui,absorb negative energy,changing bad vibrations,expanding the mind.
  • Metaphysical properties:symbolizes wisdom, deep love, devotion, & peace of mind;balances emotional highs and lows ,used to calm anxiety;amplifies creative vibes.Each piece is unique, keep in mind that the piece you will receive may have certain differences in the shape of the stone, but the same quality.
  • Amethyst was traditionally used by the Greeks to protect themselves from overindulging, assisting with visualization, and balancing their emotions. We consider this a must-have.Our stones are never artificially dyed or treated. The back and base are absolutely natural
Mentally Grounding
Self Esteem
Peaceful Deep Sleep
Radiating Energy
Strong Will Power
Artistic Visualizations

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